Hey, it’s a brand new year and we have the chance of being able to do something about what’s coming, rather than sit passively and wait either for the reaper to come by or for the latest news from cluckville. Neither of these, just to remind myself, is a worthy option.  What mr. cluck does from January 20 onward is up to him and his doleful followers, but his finger will no longer be on any button that is meaningful, and that’s what’s important.

I don’t take for granted that Biden and Harris will be our saviors, but there is a fair demand that I can make.  To do their best is what I have a right to ask of them, and to do it every single day.  To take the motley clay that is us, with our conflicting hopes and demands, and do what they can to mold something that travels toward compassion and justice and equality.  That should keep them busy for the next four years.

And what job do I have? To not forget what happened during these past four years, and to not assume that this debacle couldn’t happen again.  For instance … where would we be if p.cluck had been a smarter man who had a coherent plan for being destructive, rather than an accidental one? What if he had actually believed anything of what he said, rather than only fulminating to please the crowds?  Could have been really ugly, I think.  

So we are continuing our American Experiment, armed with new knowledge.  That the country we love needs our help more often than a trip to the ballot box every few years.

Can I have an ‘Amen,” Brothers and Sisters?


Gastronomic Dispatch

Maybe pizza news is nothing to some people, and if that’s true, I feel sorry for them. Because of all the foods that are nourishing to the soul, pizza easily tops the list. That first bite after the pie reaches your table which is always too hot because you couldn’t wait and the molten cheese … Read more Gastronomic Dispatch

Let It Be

It’s been an emotional week here in Paradise. The Pema Chodron book that am in the middle of reading is so applicable to recent events in our lives that it’s uncanny. Each evening I finish one short chapter before retiring, and it helps me to clarify and to center myself. To be present with what … Read more Let It Be

Wrinkles In Time

I admit to having been practicing active denial in a variety of ways. One of these is aging. Whenever I can, I pretend that in spite of the fact that the number of candles on my birthday cake keeps increasing, perhaps I was like Mr. Dorian Gray. Somewhere in a closet there might be a … Read more Wrinkles In Time

Hail To The Chief … And To Us

Wednesday’s inaugural ceremonies were everything that we could have wanted. Inspiring, straightforward, respectful, historic, and normal. There was not a single psychopath anywhere that I could recognize. Everyone who came to the mike spoke of love of country and of their fellow man. Lady Gaga walked to the podium and gave us one of the … Read more Hail To The Chief … And To Us

Break A Leg, America!

There’s a new drama opening both on and off Broadway, simultaneously. It takes place on one of those stages where the audience becomes a part of the action, so we should give thought to getting ourselves ready to leave our comfort zone on occasion … those moments when the actors come over and sit in … Read more Break A Leg, America!

Silver Linings

Robin and I consider ourselves among the lucky ones, riding out the pandemic here on the Western Slope of Colorado. We, like so many others, have given up socializing, mingling with friends, and the simple pleasure of just going out for an evening. Robin has had her church involvement and contact with fellow parishioners severely … Read more Silver Linings


Once upon a time there were people who wrote songs, and other people sang them. The singers were called interpreters. Think Frank Sinatra, for instance. That was pretty much how it was in popular music until the sixties, when the genre of singer/songwriter came along. Now I know this will be a hopeless generality, but … Read more Interpreter

Take That, Pandemovirus!

We got our Covid vaccine (Moderna) shots Thursday morning. In a large exhibition hall. All in all it went well, without any big snafus and with adequate respect for social distancing. Everyone there had an “appointment” of sorts, so there wasn’t a mob milling around getting cranky. And we were all senior citizens from Colorado, … Read more Take That, Pandemovirus!

Ahhhnold Speaks

There is a particularly beautiful place not twenty miles from our home at Basecamp. To get there you drive east on Highway 50 until you reach a dot on the map named Cimarron. Today there is a small convenience store/gas station and very little else in the townlet of Cimarron. But at some time in … Read more Ahhhnold Speaks

No Complaints. No, Really.

We’ve been in a meteorologic twilight zone for several weeks now. Not cold enough to really expect that people will sympathize with us if we should complain, and not warm enough to elevate our moods from the Basic Winter setting (and that setting is only two millimeters above mild depression). When Robin and I go … Read more No Complaints. No, Really.

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