Think back to last February.  You might have heard of Covid, or perhaps you skipped those reports, because after all it was all happening “over there.”  Then one month later you were inundated with news about this intruder, a flood which has not slackened one bit since then.  But in that long ago February all of the writing needed to frighten us was clearly on the wall.

So now we have the second Covid Valentine’s Day coming up. That is, for those of us who have survived the year.  The day given over to lovers that for some strange reason is named after a man who died an horrific death hundreds of years ago.  But we’ve learned a lot in a year.  For instance – now when you hand a box of candy to your amour de jour you are not offended when he/she takes a bottle of Lysol from his/her hip holster and sprays the bejabbers out of the sealed box. And after the box is opened, of course the recipient doesn’t share the candy with you because why take the chance of contamination?  Your clumsy fingers might reach for a vanilla creme and accidentally brush against a nougat, rendering it instantly suspect.

There is little point in going into what Covid has done to casual romance.  But anyone with an imagination can see that masking, social distancing, and temperature-taking might be easily forgotten once hormones take over on a given Saturday night.  So you wake up on Sunday morning in a strange bed, and in the cold light of day the identity of who is sleeping next to you is of lesser moment than their antibody titer.  


Sweat Equity

I’ve been holding off writing about one of my present exercise practices. Mostly because I’m not sure that you will find me credible, and I wouldn’t blame you at all. But here goes – three times a week I do something called H.I.I.T. That’s High Intensity Interval Training, for those who aren’t familiar with the … Read more Sweat Equity


Now is the winter of our discontent. What? Plagiarism? Moi? Just as I was congratulating myself on appropriating this well-turned phrase and putting it out there as my very own, people began mentioning Mr. Shakespeare and his play Richard III, and so I guess that particular jig is presently up. But doesn’t it apply well … Read more Discontent

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

As the latest Texas disaster follows its course, leaving millions of those intrepid folk finding out just how intrepid they are without heat or electricity at a very nasty time weather-wise, I follow the story at a comfortable, warm, and well-lighted distance. In this way I am like Texas senator Ted Cruz, who has been … Read more Deep In The Heart Of Texas

‘Cross the Border

I’ve heard that Eskimos have fifty words for snow. I’ve also heard that they don’t. Since I have no Eskimo friends to ask about this important point, I will do what I always do and choose the statement that appeals to me the most and wait for clarification of the matter sometime in the future. … Read more ‘Cross the Border

Hearts In Snow

Valentine’s Day was a memorable one here in Paradise. Around midnight Saturday a very light rain had turned to snow, and by six in the morning on Sunday the pure white stuff was about eight inches deep. Trees and bushes were, how to best say this … festooned. The snowfall itself was a well-mannered one, … Read more Hearts In Snow

V-Day Hath Come ‘Round

A few tunes for anyone who has been, who is, or who will be, in love. You’re welcome. Songs by Carly Simon, Don Shirley, Ella Fitzgerald, Anita Baker, and Rickie Lee Jones. ****** And one romantic poem for fisherpersons …) The Song of Wandering Aengus By William Butler Yeats I went out to the hazel … Read more V-Day Hath Come ‘Round

News of the World

Twenty-four hours after receiving our second dose of Covid vaccine Wednesday forenoon, we felt normal. Twenty-eight hours after receiving the shot we were achy everywhere. At twenty-nine hours we cancelled supper since neither of us were hungry. By thirty hours we were ibuprofenized and in bed, where Robin had an excellent case of chills going. … Read more News of the World


Robin and I went to the Friendship Hall on Wednesday morning to get our second dose of Covid vaccine. Everybody there was getting their second dose as well, and our age group was well represented. In fact, there was no one there who was not eligible for Social Security, and I suspect there were a … Read more Nincompoopery

Peter Piper Picked A Peck … et al

I tried a new recipe this past week for potato soup, and the soup itself was just okay. What was a pleasant surprise was a sub-recipe for making pickled jalapeños, which you then used as a topping when serving the soup. Those jalapeños were v.e.r.y tasty, and could be used on other soups, sandwiches, scrambled … Read more Peter Piper Picked A Peck … et al

Year of the Zoom

I wasn’t planning on posting today, but when I ran across this Doonesbury strip in our local paper I couldn’t pass it up. It so encapsulates the recurring mini-dramas of our (yours and mine) first Year of the Zoom. It’s because we are (most of us) amateurs in this new common endeavor, and I find … Read more Year of the Zoom

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