This is definitely turning out to be the summer that no one saw coming. A noxious stew containing a viral pandemic, rioting in our cities on a level not seen in fifty years, economic disruption on a massive scale, and all happening within the waning days of the administration of a madman playing the part of POTUS.

Our summer moves along on its own course. Most of the life in the world care little for humans and our traumas. The geese and the ducks on our ponds are hatching their young. Tomato plants are blossoming in backyards everywhere. Dandelions are seeking new worlds to conquer, having pretty much subdued earth.

Where will we all be this Fall? Not just geographically, but in our hearts? One of the advantages of having elders around in the villages of olden times used to be that they could calm things down, having already been through a rough patch or two. Folks, the elders are in new territory these days, just like the rest of you.

I don’t know if that’s the bad news, or the good.


OK, Boomer!

I am not a “boomer,” so I respectfully suggest that people stop referring to me in that way. I am older than a boomer, actually, because that group didn’t start until WWII was over, and I was born before it all began. I also respectfully ask that people not blame me for that war, it … Read more OK, Boomer!

Southern Fried

This Sunday July 5 promises to be a warm one, which means it doesn’t stand out much from what we’ve been served for the last month or two. Our Spring was foreshortened with the rapid transition from late Winter to mid-Summer we experienced this year. Our 4th of July was quiet. There were no fireworks … Read more Southern Fried

Triple Plagues

My computer inbox is crowded each morning with reports on the three maladies du jour – Covid 19, racism, and Cluckism. Taken individually they are overwhelming. Taken together … what is three times overwhelming? Or is it overwhelming to the third power? My in-brain abacus must be missing a ring or two, since I can’t … Read more Triple Plagues

Burning Perfectly Good Food

We’re having the Manns over for dinner tonight (Wednesday). Grilling outdoors and serving on the deck, where any stray coronavirus particles can be puffed away by the evening breezes before they have a chance to land. All of the distancing stuff will be observed, food preparation is being carefully done, and we earnestly hope not … Read more Burning Perfectly Good Food

The Buzz

You may have noticed that I haven’t complained about being stung by the yellowjackets that have terrorized us in our yard each summer that we’ve lived here in Paradise. The reason is that I think I’ve found the way, finally, to live an outdoor life at home without being annoyed by these aggressive bugs. I … Read more The Buzz

Are You Influenced?

This morning I came to a startling conclusion as I glanced at a headline about a YouTube influencer who is quitting her channel over a controversy about some of her past behavior. I suddenly realized that I was more backward than I thought. I do not subscribe to any YouTube influencers at all. I wonder … Read more Are You Influenced?

Bedtime Follies

Need help explaining why Black Lives Matter fits the moment better than All Lives Matter? Perhaps these young ladies can be of some assistance. ****** I’m still making my way through the Studs Lonigan trilogy by James T. Farrell. I’m about half-way through, but that’s not bad for a book on my nighttime reading stack. … Read more Bedtime Follies

No Title

Well, whaddya know? Less than 7000 of America’s finest showed up for the Cluckaganza in Oklahoma. The organizers were expecting … six times that number. Turns out it was all the fault of outside protestors who were nasty radicals armed with unfriendly placards. And then there was the problem of the media that had told … Read more No Title

The Hills Are Alive …

Friday we left town to take a longer hike, and this one started out a few miles south of Ouray, at a place called Spirit Gulch. We’d done this one before, and found it to be a moderately strenuous walk over largely rocky terrain. Lots of those small stones that roll under your feet and … Read more The Hills Are Alive …

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