So we step across the timeline into December. In a country that is presently has no national leader, practically speaking, and as the Covid-19 pandemic reaches new extremes of misery and disruption. If it were not for the people in smaller offices around our country stepping up and doing their jobs, what a greater turmoil this would be!

In a few days, on December 7, we will observe Pearl Harbor Day, which most people under 75 cannot recall, and most people over that age cannot forget. But in all of World War II America lost 297,000 servicemen and servicewomen. So far in a handful of months in 2020 we have lost 268,ooo to Covid, and December is promising more sorrow for more families than any month to date.


By the end of the month we may have started vaccinating our citizens, which promises to plunge a dagger into the cold viral heart of the pandemic. No matter that 40% of the population still say that they won’t take the shot, this will leave more doses for the rest of us, and if the immunization program is as successful as it promises to be, some of that 40% will likely change their minds and join their more rational countrymen.

So the end of the year offers both dread and hope to us all. I can’t wait.


Major Omission

How did I miss it? I plead octogenaric forgetfulness. Today is the anniversary of the day in 1955 when Mrs. Rosa Parks said no.

The Wishy-washy Need Not Apply

Monday morning I was peacefully reading the Times of New York when I came across an article that mentioned the Democratic Socialists of America. I don’t really know much about those folks and therefore I spent a couple of hours wandering through the website of the organization , and it was interesting. They are serious … Read more The Wishy-washy Need Not Apply

Encore, Mr. Cohen?

After writing and publishing a paragraph or two on Saturday about Leonard Cohen’s last album, I ran across this video which is a short movie. It’s of a little more than nine minutes duration, and is about how the music came to be recorded. It is a lovely little thing in its own right. ****** … Read more Encore, Mr. Cohen?

Hot. Spice. Baby.

Well, darn if my present favorite hot sauce company hasn’t gone and been acquired, and made the news by doing so. Just as the article in CNN online relates, I began to see Cholula’s distinctive bottles in restaurants several years ago. I tried them there, liked them, then added them to the condiments on our … Read more Hot. Spice. Baby.

Gratitude List

I have had a pretty lucky life, with a dash of adversity tossed in now and again to keep me on my toes. There was enough of that particular seasoning along the way to teach me that there was knowledge to be gained during those harder times that I might otherwise not have acquired. For … Read more Gratitude List

Dialogue Before Dessert

We get to read the comic strip Dilbert in our local paper, but for some strange reason the editors hide the strip way back on the classified ad page, all by itself, and far away from the rest of the comics. This sort of quarantine preceded Covid, however, so we can’t blame the virus for … Read more Dialogue Before Dessert

Sunday Morning

A new recording just came out that some of you might be interested in, entitled Crossroads Guitar Festival 2019. These events are held irregularly, but often feature some outstanding music. The Crossroads Guitar Festival is a series of music festivals and benefit concerts  founded by Eric Clapton.  The festivals benefit the Crossroads Centre founded by Eric Clapton, a drug treatment center … Read more Sunday Morning

Honor and Betrayal

A headline this past week was quite moving, I thought. It trumpeted that the Boy Scouts of America now has more than 90,ooo pending claims against it for child sexual abuse. The story went on to detail the enormous financial drain on an already declining organization. No one knows how this will all shake out, … Read more Honor and Betrayal

Dumb and Dumber

My old home state of South Dakota is making the wrong sort of headlines these days. For those who aren’t familiar with prairie politics, it is basically a state run by Republicans. This hasn’t always been a bad thing, but perhaps the fact that the political gene pool is such a small one is catching … Read more Dumb and Dumber

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