I used to start this blog off with a disclaimer, but dropped that practice several years ago. I think I’ll resurrect it today. There are all kinds of trash on the internet, and this blog is no exception. But before you go any further, be warned that this trash has a definite liberal bent. If you have found that you begin to froth at the mouth when you see someone wearing a face mask or behaving in a rational manner, reading this stuff might not be the best fit for you.

I may be that bad companion that your mother told you not to hang around with a few years back. What can I say? She could have been right. You will quickly find that I am friendlier towards the left side of the political spectrum, poets, cats of all sizes, rock and roll, and certain classes of lunatics.



Tuesday night we had people over for dinner. Just a simple get-together composed of comfort foods with no attempt at elegance or haute cuisine or anything other than what it was. A conversation with just enough food provided to keep you alive through the end of the evening. If there is anything that the Plague … Read more Roosters


One of the powers of books for me has been to occasionally feel less the odd duck in this world. Periodically I will run across a piece of writing that says to me: “Hey, someone else thinks the same weird way that you do.” The sense of alienation doesn’t go away altogether, but eases up. … Read more Fogged-Out

No Way

Today is Mother’s Day. I support this holiday 100%. Mothers deserve the recognition, completely. And more. If the situations were reversed, and I were presented with the option to navigate a pregnancy and go through labor, there wouldn’t have been any kids in my family pictures at all. No way. I simply wouldn’t have put … Read more No Way


Sad story taken from the past week’s news, about a 39 year-old woman who went walking with her dogs off Highway 550, which is the Million Dollar Frightway that connects Montrose with Durango. Later that day the dogs came home and she didn’t. A searcher found her body, which had apparently been mauled by a … Read more Life

Humming Inaudibly In The Rain

Yesterday was supposed to be a rainy one here in dry and dusty Paradise, but what materialized was little more than a spatter. I think that probably the loneliest job in this part of the world would be that of an umbrella salesperson. You would do a good business ten days out of the year … Read more Humming Inaudibly In The Rain

Size Matters

I am very much a fan of folly … human, that is. A really good piece of silliness can make my whole day. This morning I was picking out a couple of eggs to cook for breakfast from a carton labeled “Large Eggs.” I noticed that they were at least 1/3 smaller than those in … Read more Size Matters

Holy Fools In Short Supply

Once in a while I meet extraordinary people who might be classified as holy fools. They don’t come along every day, and definitely not often enough. Such a man was Herb (not his real name), who I met in AA meetings in Yankton SD. When it came time for him to share, even the littlest … Read more Holy Fools In Short Supply

Right In Front Of Me

It isn’t every day that I feel completely stupid. Oh, 45% stupid is pretty common, that would fit a whole lot of days, but 100%? And it all started a week ago, when I was trying to dig out the last bit of peanut butter from a jar that I had taken from the refrigerator. … Read more Right In Front Of Me

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