September Song 1

It’s September, to my mind the best of the twelve. And it seems only fitting that the best month has the best song. Here’s the very first recorded version, by Walter Huston, all the way from 1938. Yes, yes, they had electricity and recording devices in 1938, which was an entire year before I came to the planet.

The wonderful actor Huston introduced this ageless Kurt Weill-Maxwell Anderson tune in the 1938 play “Knickerbocker Holiday.” You’ll note that the lyrics on this first recording of the song are quite different from what we are accustomed to hearing. Huston’s beautiful 1944 re-make for Decca includes the less personal, more familiar words.

The original 78rpm single was issued on Brunswick 8272 – September Song (Anderson-Weill) by Walter Huston, orchestra conducted by Maurice De Abravanel, recorded October 19, 1938

The 78 Prof

There you have it. Listen to be entertained as well as edified. In a day or so we’ll share the 1944 remake.


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