Special Edition

If you can get past the frequent f-bombs, there is much truth in what this man has to say.



The outrages continue. The pro-gun forces come out with the same posturing after every one of them. First they hide behind the second amendment, and then they begin to shout out these slogans, which are little more than lies they tell themselves.

  1. What we need to do is get better mental health resources so that these lunatics can be found before they do their damage. When, in the entire history of the United States, have there been adequate mental health resources? The answer is – never. And as far as the definition of what mental incapacity would disqualify someone from gun ownership, I would suggest that if you think you absolutely need a gun to be a proper citizen you have already demonstrated enough paranoia that perhaps we should start with worrying about you.
  2. We need all of these guns and we need them without any restrictions so that we can resist a tyrannical government if one appears. That might have been sounder reasoning when the worst either side could do was to acquire more and better muskets, but it hardly holds true when our government has tanks, attack helicopters, drones, enormous listening capabilities, tactical missiles … the list goes on. You can try bringing an AR-15 to a drone fight, but how many times will that work for you? Our true remedies are and always must be political, however maddening and frustrating this is at times. Barbarism is the alternative.
  3. We need these weapons for personal protection, so that our families and homes can be safe. What gun owners don’t seem to get is that the rest of us are more worried about them and the guns they are carrying around than we are of some hypothetical prowler in the night. To us, all those who carry firearms in public are the bad guys, because there is no way for us to tell the safe ones from the psychopaths.


Certain Kind of Fool, by The Eagles


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