One For My Baby

A couple of weeks ago, when gas for my car cost me $0.25 a gallon, and I was earning the princely amount of $0.75 an hour at a part-time job, I heard a song on the radio sung by a man I’d never heard of. It was a smooth and soulful rendition of One For My Baby, and the man turned out to be Josh White.

I set out to find and purchase that recording for my very own, and eventually succeeded. You have to remember that once upon a time, there was no internet, no Google, no iTunes, and no Spotify, and this kind of research was a slow process. What took the place of all these things was locating a record store with a knowledgeable owner. A person with a headful of what you needed to know, and who could point you in the right direction.

But let’s get on with it. Josh White became a favorite, and I have quite a few of his songs in my library. Where I can listen to them whenever I need to, even if the internet goes down and I am far from everything but electricity. There are days when his music bears me up, brother. It bears me up.



A Dick Guindon cartoon


On Saturday we rendezvoused with Allyson and Kyle at Rifle Falls State Park. Perfect weather for it. Winter picnic included hot soup and cheese. Life is good.

One thought on “One For My Baby

  • I remember hearing one for my baby by mainly Sinatra, but one meatball being sung by Josh White. I didn’t know his name. I also didn’t know he was a civil rights activist. Cool.


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