Plague Notes

The oddest Christmas is nearly here, and I admit that I don’t quite know how to process it. On the one hand, we are hours away from the closest grandchild (which is how distances are measured) and that hasn’t changed for a long time. So there was never the possibility of seeing all of our family in any given season, even before Covid. But today, even when we can make the effort …

Later today we are delivering presents to the kids in Durango. We’ll drive down there, eat lunch together with the Hurleys outdoors somewhere, and then return home. No physical contact to be extended, no less than six feet away from one another. It’s like having a Zoom conference but everybody is physically in the room. We can’t trust ourselves not to infect those folks, nor trust that they won’t do us harm. Bizarre days, verging on the surreal.

So here’s a few tunes to take your mind off viruses, if you need a break. Tried and true people singing songs that were recorded before the plague set in, eons ago.


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