From The Horses’ Mouth

Friends, today I am just connecting you with some information about coronavirus. I was prompted by two events. The first was listening to part of President Cluck’s news conference the other day, and the other by a rumor circulating here in Paradise.

About the first. In those dear dead days almost beyond recall, whenever a public health issue became alarming, administrations would find the most knowledgeable and authoritative person they could find, someone with impeccable scientific credentials who would meet with reporters and thereby get the straightest information out directly to the public. Such conferences were examples of how powerful responsible communication about the public health could be.

The idea that substituting the most famous liar in the country, a man who brags about his ignorance and abhors reading, and whose administration has consistently cut funding for science in general could accomplish the same goals is a perfect example of cluelessness.

Really, perfect.

The second instance was when a woman at a local AA meeting reported that “someone” had died of coronavirus infection here in Paradise, but it was being hushed up. Ay, ay, ay. Small unhappy people do love their conspiracy theories.

Sooo, how should we get our news about this looming threat? Where can we turn to when we know that our leaders are ignorant boobs? My suggestion would be the Centers for Disease Control, which has been doing this for decades, and in spite of the budget cuts they have been rewarded with for their good works still manage somehow to do their job, although at necessarily reduced levels.

And you can get to this information just by clicking on the image above, and then bookmarking the site it takes you to.

This is not some static site where the information never changes, but is one of fluidity and rapid response. Given the amount of public concern about this virus, it will continue to be the most authoritative place to go.

So if we are to seek good information about coronavirus, I respectfully suggest that we go to the horses’ mouth, as opposed to its other end.


While you’re at the CDC website, take a look over at the right side of the page, just below the picture of the airplane, where you can subscribe to a newsletter about coronavirus disease. Be the most knowledgeable person on your block, or at the water cooler.

You will also find a very long list of newsletters on a wide variety of public health topics that are available to all of us for free.

It’s how government at its best can work.


One thought on “From The Horses’ Mouth

  • Thanks for this, Dad. I work within an international educational community which is making decisions day by day as to how to respond to this global health issue. There is a great deal of xenophobia around the world and we are endeavoring to educate our community that this is a virus, not a race, and to encourage basic best hygiene practices. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Stay home if ill. Don’t assume someone is contagious based upon their ethnicity. It is a challenge. We are all human and this is all new.


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